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At our North Calgary Clinic, your patient journey begins with the New Patient Forms found below.  During your initial visit, we will review your completed forms and perform a thorough Health History.  Next, we will complete a physical exam to get a better look at what is going on with you and your musculoskeletal system.  Once finished, we will go over our findings and explain our plan on how we will approach your condition and provide you with treatment. This whole process will take approximately one hour.

During your follow-up visits, we will discuss how you are doing, any new issues you may have, as well as questions and concerns. And of course, provide treatments!

Please complete the appropriate forms found below prior to your initial visit.

Nutrition Intake Forms

Consent Form – All patients must sign the consent form

Please print and read the consent form so you can discuss and sign it with the doctor prior to treatment.

New Massage Therapy Client Intake Forms 

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