Here at On Centre Chiropractic, we recognize that all of our patients are unique and should be treated individually.  Some of the techniques we use at our clinic include:

  • Diversified – Most common Chiropractic technique, basic hands on adjusting.
  • Nutrition – Nutritional counselling including vitamins, herbs and homeopathy. For more information on nutritional counselling available at On Centre Chiropractic, click here.
  • Activator – Instrument used for specific adjustments.
  • Applied Kinesiology – Muscle testing system incorporating associations between muscles, organs, nerves, nutrition, joint alignment and acupuncture meridians.
  • Orthotics – Custom measurements and fitting for a variety of foot and overall body structure integrity.
  • Pediatrics – Focus on Chiropractic and Nutrition for children of all ages from newborn through school years.
  • Pregnancy – Addressing physical and nutritional changes through all stages of pregnancy, allowing for a healthy mother and baby.
  • Thompson Drop – Chiropractic technique which uses a specially designed table to drop down with specific adjustments.
  • Total Body Modification – Derivative of Applied Kinesiology using similar muscle testing protocols to assess and create improved function of specific muscles, organs and overall health.